This table shows the skills related to the essential concepts of the language. Of course there is a wide individual variety among children. However, too great a difference from these stages could be grounds for consulting a specialist.

In understanding

AgeQuestions he should be able to answer
1 2-years
  • Questions with "where". Example: where is the ball? (replies pointing to the image of the ball on the book)
  • Questions with "what is it?" relating to familiar objects
  • Yes / no answer questions, nodding or shaking your head
2 3-years
  • Indicates the objects that are described, for example indicates a hat when asking "What do you put on your head?"
  • It answers simple questions about what, how, when, where and why
  • It answers questions like "What do you do when you feel cold?"
  • It answers questions like "Where ...", "What is it?", "What are you doing ....?", "Who is ...?"
  • Answers or understands questions like "Do you know ...?"
3 4-years
  • Answers more complex questions with "Who", "Why", "Where" and "How"
  • Answers questions with "What do you do if?", Such as "What do you do if it rains?"
  • It answers questions related to the functions of objects, such as "What is a spoon for?", "Why do we have shoes?"
4 5-years
  • Answers questions with "When"
  • Answers questions with "How many?" (when the answer does not exceed four)

In production

AgeQuestions he should be able to ask
1 2-years
  • Start using the interrogative form, starting with "What's that?"
  • Use the ascending pitch
2 3-years
  • He asks questions - even simplified ones - related to his needs, for example "Where biscuit?"
  • Asks questions with "Where?", "What?", "What does he do?"
3 4-years
  • Asks simple questions with "Why?"
  • When asking the question use "What", "Where", "When", "How" and "By whom"
  • Asks questions with "Is it a / a ...?"
4 5-years
  • Asks the following questions using the correct grammar structure: "Do you want ..." + infinitive, "Can you ...?"

Translated and adapted by: Lanza and Flahive (2009), LinguiSystems Guide to Communication Milestones

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