Continuing the review of resources for the neurocognitive rehabilitation and for the training of executive functions, there are uses very useful that can be installed on a smartphone or tablet. However, if the sites are mostly free, these applications often come with costs.

One such application is Lumosity. Downloadable for smartphones and tablets, it has many resources divided by areas of interest:

1) Memory

2) Attention

3) Problem Solving

4) Flexibility

5) Speed

6) Language

7) Math (mathematics)

For each area there are more than 5 games available. Here, we cite a game for each affected area:

  • Memory serves (memory) = It is a game di the memory where you have to help a hotel porter to bring the correct number of bags to guests. Remember the correct number of suitcases available inside the lift and give the correct number to customers. In this game, memory is trained as well as inhibition and can be used to counter impulsive attitudes.
  • Train of thought (attention) = In this game the objective is to get each train to the correct corresponding station. You have to divert the path of the tracks at the points marked on the map to change the path of each train and lead it to the station of the same color. The game undoubtedly serves to train attention, but also planning as you have to quickly look at the destination of each train and plan the correct route.

  • Ebb and Flow (flexibility) = in this game there are leaves floating on a watercourse. The goal is to swipe your finger in the direction the leaves are moving if they are yellow and swipe in the direction indicated by the leaf tip if the leaves are green.
  • Highway Hazards (speed) = It is a car race in which you have to avoid collisions with other cars, but also other obstacles. The other obstacles are anticipated by a drawing placed at the top right for a few seconds. If you are good during the game session, the exposure time of this obstacle preview will decrease. This game is suitable for working on processing speed, but also on sustained attention

Put your games they have one graphics very endearing which can attract both the little ones, but also children and adults. At the end of each session you have a score that will be part of a ranking and this can be useful for keeping track of your progress. Each game session (for most games) lasts a maximum of 2 minutes. The difficulty of each game is modulated according to the player's performance and the difficulty increases as the game levels progress.

However, Lumosity also has gods defects; first you have to pay a subscription which can be divided into monthly or yearly ($ 14.95 per month or $ 83 for a year). Also, as with CognitiveFun, the application is in English, but the explanations of the games are simple with short sentences and a conversational vocabulary. While the language games are captivating, they are only available in English.

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