The Writing Enhancement Online Course is ready and available for purchase today!
You can find it here.


The course contains more than three hours of video on theoretical and practical tools to improve reading speed and accuracy, from letters to passages. You can follow the course at your own pace as it will be accessible forever.

I also want to thank the colleagues who embellished the course with their in-depth video interventions:

  • Tiziana Begnardi: the construction of the written language in the child
  • Margherita Colacino: board games and dyslexia
  • Mario Marano: "Grafos and the legend of the lunar warriors"


Course the enhancement of reading
Course the enhancement of reading

The advantage of the online course is that it will be continuously updated to keep up with the latest evidence and your requests. I therefore ask you to use the comments section below each lesson to request further information on a certain aspect.

The cost of the course is 65 € including VAT.

Hope you enjoy this work! The link to access the course is this:


Course topics

  • The writing disorder
  • The learning stages of writing
  • The phonological path of writing
  • Tiziana Begnardi: the construction of the written language in the child
  • Writing and Italian: a transparent language but not too much
  • Evaluation and treatment: Consensus recommendations
  • The types of errors
  • A problem in writing evaluation
  • Children who speak badly and write well
  • What about the prerequisites?
  • Types of treatment: some suggestions from the scientific literature
  • Difficulty with individual letters
  • Overview of tools for working on letters
  • LearningApps and Wordwall to work on individual letters
  • The minimum pairs (and some examples of activities)
  • Omission of letters: working with boxes
  • Difficulty in the construction of syllables
  • Tools for working on syllables
  • Digraphs and trigrams
  • Tools for working on digraphs and trigrams
  • Pepper and salt 2.0: a printable game about digraphs and trigrams
  • Focus: the doubles
  • 10 double games
  • Practical ideas: dictations at crossroads
  • Mario Marano introduces us to Grafos and the legend of the lunar warriors
  • Rehabilitate or compensate, in general
  • Two anecdotes on compensatory instruments in writing
  • Compensatory tools for writing: voice typing
  • Compensatory instruments for writing: listen to what has just been written
  • Losing writing
  • Ideas for working on writing in adults
  • Sites with articles to deepen the treatment of writing

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Writing prerequisites