What are the situations in which it is more than appropriate to contact a specialist? Here are some indicators divided by age group:

6 monthsHe doesn't laugh or shout; it does not look in the direction of new sounds
9 monthsNo or limited babbling; does not manifest happiness or anger
12 monthsIt does not indicate objects; he does not perform gestures such as shaking his head
15 monthsHe hasn't said the first word yet; does not answer "no" or "hello"
18 monthsHe doesn't use at least 6-10 words consistently; does not hear or discriminate sounds well
20 monthsHe doesn't have an inventory of at least six consonants; it does not carry out simple instructions
24 monthsHas a vocabulary of less than 50 words; has no interest in social interactions
36 monthsStrangers struggle to understand what he says; does not use simple sentences

Other situations to keep under observation:

  • food selectivity (eat only 4-5 foods)
  • stereotyped behaviors
  • no interest in communication
  • excessive saliva loss
  • stuttering for more than six months.

Translated and adapted by: Lanza and Flahive (2009), LinguiSystems Guide to Communication Milestones

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