The importance of executive functions in many areas of life it is known and, not surprisingly, we have talked about it with numerous articles; we have seen, for example, the importance of executive functions in relation to mathematics, language, To reading and understanding of the text, And the creativeness.

Additionally, a thorough assessment of executive functions can help discriminate between different forms of dementia.

The most obvious consequence is that a lot of research has focused on the possibility of enhancing executive functions in different types of contexts, for example, in preschool age, In 'aphasia and in acquired brain injury.

Someone has also tried to see if executive functions can be increased indirectly, for example by learning a playing a musical instrument.

The study conducted by Arfé and collaborators is also very interesting[1], through which the authors evaluated theeffect of computer programming training on executive functions.

Specifically, they subjected a group of 5- and 6-year-old children to 8 hours of training on the coding through an online platform (; the same children, before and after the training period were compared with another group of children, subjected to standard school activities in the scientific subjects foreseen for the age, through the following planning and inhibition tests:

  • Elithorn Perceptual Maze Test of the BVN 12-18
  • Numeric Stroop of the BIA
  • Inhibition of NEPSY-II


In line with the researchers' expectations, the children who had participated in computer programming training obtained successively performance increases in planning and impulsivity control tests.

These results, obtained in just one month, were comparable to the spontaneous increase in performance observed over a full seven months.

Thinking about it, all of this is not so surprising: the learning of coding, in fact, it requires to accurately analyze the problems, conceptualize algorithmic procedures and divide a work into several steps without being rushed; in a sense, these abilities could just be summed up with the terms "planning" and "inhibition".

If these data were replicated and the effects were also observed in the everyday life of children and young people (for example, in school performance) there would be one more reason to believe the coding an essential activity to be permanently included in school curricula.



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