The most downloaded


Phonologically similar words bingo
We write the doubles: 80 cards with activities
Syllables and metaphonology: 130 entries


Building the sentences - 60 cards
Lexicon and semantics - 150 cards
Find the syllable - 1000 cards


Find the letter - 900 cards
1000 free barrage cards
Let's Clean the House - Visuospatial Memory Game


Attention and executive functions


1000 free barrage cards
The missing figure - working memory game
Memory with conditions


100 cards with stroop effect
Keep an eye on the road - 25 cards with attention activities
Save the Penguin - Visuospatial Memory Game


Let's Clean the House - Visuospatial Memory Game




Dictations at crossroads
Connect the letters and find the word

Activity on similar letters and sounds


Business with the bridge letter
Phonologically similar words bingo


Bingo of words with the double


Syllable puzzle
Complete the word


Language and aphasia


50 free language cards
Multipurpose cards for language
Color the pictures starting with ...


Chains of meanings
Emotional by Daniela Arlotti
Describe a person - by Daniela Arlotti


15 free fact sheets on proverbs and idioms
Metaphonology cards
Tabs on semantics


Similarities and differences
40 various activities on language, reading, writing, logic
Cards for communicating with the aphasic person


Articulatory wheels: tool for setting sounds
The rooms and their objects
CAAlcio: communicator to build sentences on football


Naval battle of minimal sentences


Reading comprehension


Il brutto anatrocolo
What are you saying? Logical fallacy tabs
Read the song and draw the scene




Times tables puzzle
Cards with sums up to 100
Problems with visual solutions


Numcalcio: 10 activities on times tables, operations and comparisons ... with football
Compensation card for math




Game book: what happened to Santa Claus
What happened to Santa Claus?


Printable games


Pepe e sale 2.0 Card game on spelling groups
Up to 20 - Adds and subtractions on the number line
Friends of 10

Compensatory cards


Compensation card on hard C and soft C with exercises

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