In this table we report the expected expressive vocabulary skills for children according to age. There is obviously a wide individual variety given by socioeconomic status, educational possibilities and learning experiences. However, a notable deviation from these numbers could be grounds for consulting a specialist.

AgeVocabulary size (in production)
12 months2 to 6 (in addition to mum e Pope)
15 months10
18 months50
24 months200-300
30 months450
3 years1'000
3 years and 6 months1'200
4 years1'600
4 years and 6 months1'900
5 years2'200-2'600
6 years2'600-7'000
12 years50'000
Expressive vocabulary development

Translated and adapted by: Lanza and Flahive (2009), LinguiSystems Guide to Communication Milestones

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