What is a tachistoscope

A tachistocope is a tool that allows you to show words at a set speed. The person using the tachistoscope must read the word shown and, in some cases, rewrite it.

What is it for

The tachistoscope is used to improve the speed and accuracy of reading. At this link you will find scientific evidence on the matter.

Why use Read Tachistoscope

Read Tachistoscope has the following advantages:

  • è free in the online version
  • It allows insert your own lists or create new ones
  • allows you to save users and save the lists through a link
  • It allows print the lists in pdf
  • allows significant customizations on the display of words

Customizations available

Read Tachistoscope has the following advantages:

  • exposure time and inter-time between words
  • words shown in random order
  • word position (right, center and left)
  • automatic speed increase in case of correct answer
  • masking the word after its appearance (to avoid the post-image effect)
  • pre-stimulus indicating where the word will appear
  • show words in upper case
  • word size
  • character (monospace, without thanks, with thanks)
  • text color
  • background color

Verification method

  • Normal: the subject reads the word and the caregiver clicks on the screen to report the error
  • Explicit feedback: after each exposure, the tachistoscope will ask for confirmation that the word has been read
  • Rewrite: the subject must rewrite the word just read

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