Free letter exercises

Vocal (AEI) Vowels (AOU)What letter does it start with (A - I) What letter does it start with (L - Z)Listen to the word and choose the starting vowel

Free syllable exercises

Join words with common syllable (trisyllables)Join words with common syllable (bisyllables)

Free exercises on spelling and consonant groups (and irregularities)

Put in the right place: SCA-SCHE-SCHI-SCO-SCURead words with SCA-SCHE-SCHI-SCO-SCUMemory of consonant words + RWords with GLWords with SCIWords with QU / CUPhrases with there / therePhrases with there / there (part 2)

Free doubles exercises

Spelling decision (double and double double)Catch the mole (double or not double?)Find the six words with the wrong doublesQuadrisyllables with and without doubleTrisyllables with and without doubleBisyllables with and without doubleAuditory discrimination: double or non-double?Word decision with the double (horse race)

Free grammar exercises

Enter the simple prepositionEnter the articulated prepositionEnter the correct articleSingular articlesDefinite article (trick words)Definite article (singular / plural)Definite article (masculine / feminine)

Free exercises to broaden your lexicon and vocabulary (and know more words!)

Colors (quiz)Colors (combination) - Colors (memory)Household items (quiz)Objects of the house (memory)Clothes (quiz)Clothes (memory)Clothes (dictation)Fruit (quiz)Fruit (multiple choice)Fruit (merge image and word)Body parts (combinations)Body parts (quiz)Professions (quiz)Create compound wordsPlace objects in the house (kitchen)Place objects in the house (living room)Foods (multiple choice)Merge words and definitionsListen to the word and choose the imageAnimals (combine word and image)Animals (dictation)Means of transport (combine word and image)Guess the drink

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Free exercises on verbs

Guess the correct verbMerge verb and object complementWatch the video and choose the correct verb

Free exercises on synonyms and antonyms

Memory by synonymsGuess synonym (anagrams)Connect synonymsConnect the antonyms

Free semantic exercises

Connect craft and toolThe wrong picture

Free phrasing exercises

Understanding sentences (inferences)Understanding sentences (idioms)Complete the sentenceUnderstanding of sentences (pronouns)Riddles

Free Emotional Exercises

Anagram the word (emotions)Combine emotion and emoticons!

Free multiplication table exercises

2 times table: PlaneTrainPacMan

3 times table: PlaneTrainPacMan

4 times table: PlaneTrainPacMan

5 times table: PlaneTrainPacMan

6 times table: PlaneTrainPacMan

7 times table: PlaneTrainPacMan

8 times table: PlaneTrainPacMan

9 times table: PlaneTrainPacMan

10 times table: PlaneTrainPacMan

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