In recent years, we have seen the publication of new tests to assess reading, especially for adolescents and adults. This is excellent news especially if we consider that, until a few years ago, for this age group we only had test re-calibrations designed for the little ones (which we have excluded from this article).

On some age groups there may be what appears to be a redundancy of tests with similar characteristics, but in reality, given that it is not recommended to re-administer the same test within six months to avoid the learning effect, the availability of similar tests it helps to have alternatives being re-evaluated.

Let's go now to see which are the main tests used to evaluate the reading. The evidence we have provided the link for are those availablei for free.

Primary School

Sublexical elements (graphemes and words)DDE-2 - PLS - COST
Words and not wordsDe.Co.Ne. - DDE-2 - ALCE - Saint Lucia
TrackMT-3 Clinic

First grade secondary school

Words and not wordsDDE-2
TrackMT-3 Clinic

Second grade secondary school (two years)

Words and not wordsMT 16-19 - BDA 16-30
TrackMT 16-19 - BDA 16-30 - Saint Lucia
Dys-parole, Melted song, Silent readingBDA 16-30

University and adults

Words and not wordsBDA 16-30 - LSC-USA
TrackBDA 16-30 - LSC-USA - Saint Lucia
Dys-parole, Melted song, Silent readingBDA 16-30

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