In this table you will find courses aimed at speech therapists who will be held in 2020.

By clicking on the arrows next to each column you can order the table according to that parameter (date, city, number of credits, teacher ...). You can also use the search box on the right to restrict the results to a single keyword (eg: "Milan", "Stuttering").

For report your course (or a course of your interest) write an email to [Email protected] with the following information: Name of the course, Date, Headquarters, Teacher (s), Costs, ECM. Organizing body, Link to the program.

NB: this page was created in order to allow a quick search among the training proposals in Italy. None of these courses are taught by Cognitive Training and we cannot enroll in the course. To enroll in a course, therefore, you need to click the link at the end of each line.

NB2: Courses undergoing ECM accreditation read the wording ND (Undefined). The courses that is not predict ECM will bear a dash (-).

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