This table shows the skills related to the essential concepts of the language. Of course there is a wide individual variety among children. However, too great a difference from these stages could be grounds for consulting a specialist.

1 2-years
  • It is able to follow simple spatial directions, such as in o on
  • It includes the concept of an altro
  • Use simple spatial terms like su o down
  • Use two or three prepositions like sopra, in o under
2 3-years
  • Distinguish between in e under, a e many
  • Understands the numerical concept of a e the two
  • Understand the differences in magnitude such as great/small
  • Includes in, outside, sopra, under, outside, together with, far from
  • Begin to understand the temporal concepts of presto, tardi, wait up
  • Select three objects that are "same" from a set of four objects
  • Select the object that "it's not the same" di from a set of four objects, three of which are identical
  • Start using adjectives for colors and sizes
3 4-years
  • Understands quantitative concepts such as empty, many
  • It understands the concepts of equality such as same, both
  • Includes near, next, between
  • Identify the colors
  • Makes one-to-one associations
  • Indicates objects that are different from others
  • Use positional concepts like behind, front, about
4 5-years
  • Includes comparative and superlative adjectives such as great, bigger than, the biggest
  • It understands the temporal concepts of yesterday, today, tomorrow, before, after, later, days of the week, last week, next week
  • Understands the concepts of different, closer, through, thin, interoceptive
  • Recognizes the positional concepts of first, in the middle, last
5 6-years
  • It includes opposite concepts such as large / small, above / below
  • Includes left e right
  • It includes numerical concepts up to 20
  • Responds to "How are they similar / different?"
  • Use adjectives to describe
  • Use comparative objectives such as strong / stronger than
  • Use yesterday e tomorrow
  • Use adverbial concepts like forward e back
  • Use prepositions like through, the closest, to the corner, in the middle
  • Use ordinal numbers like first, second, third

Translated and adapted by: Lanza and Flahive (2009), LinguiSystems Guide to Communication Milestones

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