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The course contains more than three hours of video on the latest evidence regarding the rehabilitation of aphasia. The best known approaches will be shown, level by level, and materials and practical ideas will be provided for the realization of the activities.


The advantage of the online course is that it will be continuously updated to keep up with the latest evidence and your requests. I therefore ask you to use the comments section below each lesson to request further information on a certain aspect.

The cost of the course is 80 € including VAT.

Hope you can appreciate this job! The link to access the course is this:

Course topics

  • The indications of the Cochrane Reviews
  • The treatment of verbal comprehension
  • The name
  • The speech
  • The cueing
  • Phonological treatment
  • Semantic-lexical treatment
  • Constraint Induced Aphasia Therapy
  • Semantic Feature Analysis
  • Practical tools: NeuroRehabLab
  • Practical tools: the "Lexicon and semantics" sheets
  • The construction of the sentence: theory
  • The construction of the sentence: rehabilitation approaches
  • Practical tools: the "Building sentences" sheets
  • Extra: apraxia of speech
  • Approaches and evidence on reading rehabilitation
  • Reading comprehension
  • Practical tools for reading: the TrainingCognitive card generator
  • Approaches and evidence on the rehabilitation of writing
  • Re-enable writing using Whatsapp
  • Practical tools for writing: Balabolka
  • Practical tools for writing: Write the word
  • The role of executive functions in aphasia
  • Aphasia and attention
  • Aphasia and working memory
  • Practical tools: matrices, PASAT and N-Back

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Aphasia and age of stroke